Our talented Pakistani chefs are renowned for their ability to craft authentic and inventive Pakistani (Halal) dishes, whose exquisite flavours will delight you and your guests. Our exquisite and mouthaterng Punjabi catering services can be the delight of you and your gusts at a venue of your choice.

Our Punjabi chefs, source the finest and freshest of ingredients and combine these with time honoured recipes and distinctive culinary skills to create Pakistani wedding menus that will be a hit with you and your guests.

From succulent meats, marinated in mouth-watering spices and gilled to perfection to flavoursome biryanis and Pakistani classics like Nihari and Haleem, our Pakistani wedding catering will transport your guests to the Nawabi kitchens of Pakistan!

Many of our dishes can be cooked on site in our portable tandoors or karahis to ensure that your guests can delight in the freshest, most evocative of flavours. All of our Pakistani cuisine is created in accordance with Halal cooking requirements.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a complete catering service from professionally trained service staff to crockery, linen, table décor, wedding cakes and innovative dessert bar concepts.

We can cater at the wedding venue of your choice and can assist you in choosing a venue for your Nikkah or Walimah, if you are yet to do so. Outdoor catering requires dedicated expertise and flawless planning. By carrying out site surveys and building long term relationships with our venue providers, we guarantee planning every function to its finest detail.

Please don't hesitate to contact us on 020 8951 4441 or email us at to arrange a consultation and a food tasting.

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VIP Catering's exquisite cuisine can be bought to any venue of your choice. Please find below a selection of the prestigious venues that we frequently cater at.

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